What is the Take Care Squad?

The Take Care Squad is a group of like-minded humans - healers, makers, creatives, artists, coaches, and self-love advocates who actively embrace the opportunity to engage others in meaningful dialogue around increasing accessibility to self-love, wellness, and healing practices. 

Sharing a passion for the power of personal growth and transformation through self-love, wellness, and healing practices, the Take Care Squad is an integral part of our mission. These beautiful humans live and breathe the ethos of Take Care Space. They inspire others by the light they work to keep lit within themselves and they represent the passion for inclusivity and the idea that everyone is deserving of their own space to take care. 

This group of radiant individuals possess platforms (social media and potentially other platforms online and off) that serve to share and enrich the goal of self-love.

This is not a typical program most may call "Brand Ambassadors." 


Share the Care with your Squad

We invite those who share our values to help spread awareness through active social and community engagement. We believe that the power of human connection is a healing tool in and of itself. When we communicate and share what lights us up and how, we give permission to those around us to truly explore what it means to be joyful, whole, and loved (by you!). 


  • Generous discounts on Take Care Space products, services, and experiences. 
  • Custom discount code to share and introduce your community to Take Care Space.
  • Early access to new collections and product releases.
  • Free gifts and samples throughout the year. 
  • Priority registration for all experiences. 

As this is our first year of launching the program (hey, it’s actually our first year in business! Happy birthday to us this month!) and we have a lot to learn, we are limiting the number of people we are accepting into the Take Care Squad. Seems counterintuitive for a goal of inclusivity, we know. However, this is so we can learn as much as we can and do right by you in the long run so please bear with us as we grow. We appreciate you for your understanding.  


To Take Care Squad or not to Take Care Squad

  • Do the TCS beliefs resonate with you?
  • Do you have experience with your own personal healing journey?
  • Do you value representation and inclusivity in the self-care, health, and/or wellness space?
  • Do you have a passion for sharing your light with others? 
  • Do you want to connect with other like-minded humans and pursue opportunities for education, personal growth, and community building?
  • Can you envision yourself growing toward being a part of a larger group of leaders that are creating safe and accessible spaces for wellness inclusivity and actively showing that healing self-care is for everyone?
  • Are you willing to provide feedback about products, services, experiences to Take Care Space?  

Is your heart chakra feeling the above? Then we would love to see you in our Take Care Squad!  (LINK TO APPLY)


The Fine Print (and what to look forward to!)

As a member of our Take Care Squad, you’re committing to not only being an active force in the message of healing journey of self-care, but also an engaged member of the Take Care Space community. To stay involved with us on social media, you’ll be tagging @takecarespace on your Instagram and/or Facebook in at least one post per month showcasing how you are fostering self-love and care demonstrating our shared values. Our expectation is that you represent yourself authentically in alignment with the Take Care Space shared values and mission. Alone we can only do so little, but together we can do so much!

We will be notifying our new Take Care Squad members via email by May 1st, so make sure to apply before April 15th.

Wait. What if I don’t make it?

If you aren’t notified, don’t sweat it! It does not mean that you are not a fit or that we don’t want you on the Take Care Squad. With limited spaces available, our goal is to open up additional Take Care Squad spots as the year progresses. We will keep all applications and reach out as we obtain more resources, operationally and economically. Remember, we are a small and growing business, so please be patient with us.


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