• "This is the MOST beautiful mat...and has beautiful energy. I’ve had a magic carpet mat that I’ve loved for years...but I decided to branch out and treat myself to another one—but I never expected to love it as much as I do. It’s even more beautiful in person. Now I’m back on the website ordering another one for my daughter who saw it and fell in love with it...and another one for a gift for a dear friend...This is a wonderful company that supports women and is sustainable in their production practices. That’s what I call creating some good Karma. :)"
    - Andrea
  • "I absolutely love my new mat!! It’s exactly as pictured and is so pretty in person. I have already gotten so many compliments on it / asked where I got it. The customer service was amazing and shipping came really fast! If you’re thinking about it GO FOR IT :)"
    - Sam
  • "A yoga mat is an intimate, sacred space and so a good yoga mat is essential - like good sheets for your bed! I was gifted the Traditional MCYM and instantly fell in love. This is a premium product. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it is also lightweight, durable, not slippery, with just the right amount of cushioning. I love this magical, intentional company and everything it stands for. Have you read their "Our Beliefs" statement? This is a business that radiates love and healing energy."
    - Christine


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